Secrets of Destin
29 Jan 2016

The well kept secret of deep sea charter fishing communities is the existence of a well defined society that lurks behind the auspice of ” honey I am going to work ” or “See you mom I am going to the docks”. It’s really a secret club for men and young boys who reject the thought about being forced to stay inside. For the men it’s the UN written rule that suits and ties are to be worn for no more than 1 hr and only for funerals, weddings, and court appearances. For the young men ! If the required work attire is more than flip flops, polarized glasses, board shorts and a T shirt that says” women want me & fish fear me ” then you can count these guys out. Now the members of this society are not scared of hard work but come on, is fishing really work? I know , I know you have to be at your boat ( a boat mind you ) before day light each day. And yes you have specific task and challenges to over come every day on each trip. And you do get paid for your efforts so yes all of this does sound like a J-O-B. But in spite of all the appearances that you are heading to work the reality is ………..your going fishing ! No one knows about this secret society better than these men’s wives and girl friends. They see other husbands and boy friends leaving their houses in the morning, looking important , resourceful, debonair as well dressed productive members of society and yet their secret society men leave the house in the dark before the sun comes up looking like they about to go on a guys road trip. So these poor women have to deal with the social ramifications at the gala or school function when a well intentioned guest asks ” what does your man do for a living ?” And put on a air of confidence look wistfully off in the distance not making eye contact and say….. “he goes fishing”. Then quickly start talking about the price of oil and how that effects the cost of snack packs because the price of plastic has increased. Yes the cats out of the bag, this is a peek into the “Secret lives of Charter Fishermen ” and I believe would make a most interesting reality show on Animal Planet or the Food Network or something like that. Well the alarm just went off its still dark so I got to go. Until the next time, SEE YA

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