How To Kill A Cobia
4 May 2017

So who can find out how to kill a Cobia?   In my last few post I have pointed out that we have a Cobia fishery problem , a few of the reasons are, the price on the head of Cobia and legal and illegal recreational sales of the fish  , the  introduction of the freshwater eel. But today I am going to talk more how technology is still one of the leading factors behind the Cobia decline. Technology in fishing includes , tackle, electronics , boats , towers, power and the information on how to ,where to and when to go kill a fish. You take effort shift from other fisheries and focus on Cobia fishing and effort shifting alone can be a problem but then add the information on the internet, sport fishing Mags, local tv etc then these factors all add up to harvest rates that go thru the roof. Because of this technology  the awareness of the fishery now extends from the Florida keys to SW Texas. With the restrictions in reef fisheries this has led to more people to shift their fishing focus to Cobia at a rate that is unsustainable at the present levels.  Managers must also take into account the shear increase in Cobia fishermen in the past 5 years from effort shifting from other fisheries, broad knowledge of this fishery that has never been made public before and then add to that record boat sales of vessels capable of going into the Gulf of Mexico. The good news is these fish are fast growers as much as 8 – 10 pounds per year no so this begs the question what fish should we be seeking? The big breeder fish over 50 lbs ( the one the tournaments promote) or that smaller fish that are more tasty and not sexually mature my be the ones that ought to be harvested and let the big females alone. Anyway thats some food for thought, in the next post I will offer some ideas to fix a increasing problem. Until then , “Let’s Go Fishing”

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