10 Jun 2016


As a veteran of 39 yrs in the charter fishing industry I have come across all types , shapes ,color, and personalities that exist within the Human race, who have ventured onto my vessel to be saltwater anglers for the day or as we fondly refer to them …as Googans. ( pronounced GOOO GINS ). Now many of the Googans I have met over the years, have become more my friends than clients., Yet even that friendship will never change those folks from Googan status. So one may ask what is a Googan ? And how did they become Googans ? 

         First what is a Googan ? I want to make it completely  clear that Googanism is not an a affliction that follows these folks when on land. Some of the most impressive Googans I have ever met and many I have become friends with, are,when on Terra Firma,some of the most incredible and successful human beings on the face of this earth. When in their own environment they are the shakers and movers of this great nation ( or at least they are to their sons and daughters) and productive, resourceful capable individuals. But then they step on my boat, the transformation of the Googan takes place. Now for some clear example of what it takes to recognize a Googan. 

          A Googan  has an affinity for asking a question by providing the answer. For example “Hey Cap how far out we going, 20 miles? or ” what fish is that, a grouper ? ” A Googan also has the incredible skill set that allows him the capability to move in the opposite direction instantly upon the command “move to your right” the Googan can speedily shift to his left before anyone has a opportunity to yell “STOP your other right dummy” Another clear sign that a person has Googan capabilities or perhaps is a professional Googan, is the deft capability to decipher written directions into a language all his own. In spite of clear written directions in the confirmation package to “do not bring coolers on board” the Googan will refute my command to leave it on the dock by saying  “the e Mail said bring your own food and drink” This capability to create a language disconnect is only possible if your a Googan. 

         Lastly the classic Googan give away is the JERK reflex, inherently prevalent amongst all Googans . By law when using natural baits live or dead bait all fishing vessels must use circle Hook’s instead of the traditional J hook. Because the hook is bent in 3/4 circle you must slowly allow the line to come tight and set the hook by pressure not rapid movement . The Googan despite being told not to snatch on the rod 3,487 times in only the first hour of fishing will forever miss fish , tangle his line and sometimes even hit himself in the face from jerking the rod so hard. At that point the voice of GOD will come over the loud hailed and sarcastically ask ” What part of DONT JERK  don’t you understand? ” at that point all the other Googans joyously berate the poor angler and some how believe that guy is the only Googan onboard. 

Well it’s time to go fishing just waiting on my Googans to show up…until next time. Lets Go Fishing!

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