Charter Fishing you can count on a challenge
25 Apr 2017

Well thru the years ( 39 to be exact) being in the charter fishing business has had its challenges. Like most service related industries quality help is always a problem and in the charter fishing industry finding someone who has the skills necessary to catch fish and have people skills is a real difficult combination to find. I have had great customer service guys  who fishing skills were sub par ( they sucked)  but kept the people happy to be out fishing . I have had some who could catch fish but their attitude was so bad that there skills were not enough to tolerate the poor customers service. And I have had a couple who could catch the world , make people have a great time but don’t have the drive or maturity to be responsible for all the other aspects of the business that is required in a 2 man operation like mine. Its a team effort and if one part of the team doesn’t live up to his or hers responsibilities the entire operation suffers. And in the past I have had a few ( three or four ) that had it all and now they are some of the best Captains on the Gulf Coast with their own operations using the skills , ideas , integrity and motivation that I used . Then there is Mother Nature now this aspect of the industry is the one we have the least control over yet has usually the greatest impact on our daily operation. She dishes out everything from slick calm to 8 ft seas with a regularity that makes your head spin. Throw in some no fish biting days and couple of fish jumping in the boat and it makes you wonder why did I get myself into this business. Then there is the BOAT which really stands for (Bring On Another Thousand)  maintenance, breakdowns , broken systems , unpredictability when the next calamity may happen is all part of the curse. I guess you could say that in the professional fishing business that you will never get bored, the challenges to make it a day are many , diverse and sometimes just plain old pain in the arse. But in the end of it all I did go to work by going fishing

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