Kids,crabs and Taco’s
16 Mar 2016

14963_832408296804376_218788002840299921_nKids,crabs and Taco’s

Most of you that are surfing our web site are here to inquire about a day out on the water catching fish , but there is much more to do here in Destin than crush a box full of fish with me and Travis. Whenever the Commander in Chief… AKA the Admiral,…. AKA ,momerman   dictates that the Back Down 2 is NOT going fishing but is  having a family stand down, then let me share with you what WE like to do when WE decide to be tourist for the day. Our favorite tourist activity by far ,is taking the boat over to Crab Island on the north side of the Destin Bridge. Crab Island is not really a Island but it is a real shallow area that is only calf deep and serves as a great place to take a small boat ,pontoon boat or jet ski and anchor up and walk about to survey the mass of machinery and humanity .There is even a hot dog stand complete with a band and cold beverages for sale for your entertainment while walking or floating in the emerald green water. The Back Down 2 is  self contained with generator ,A/C and grill so we bring food and beverages and anchor in a little deeper water but we will swim over to the shallow water and go do a “Walk About” . To get out to Crab Island you can bring your own boat, rent a pontoon boat or take the Destin water Taxie and have then drop you off but be sure to make arrangements to pick you back up or you will have to flag down a wave runner or random  boat to bring you back to shore.

Then after  a long day on the water especially if you cant grill out like we can,  head back over to the Destin Harbor and have a great meal at JackaCudas located right on the water at the mouth of Destin Harbor behind the Emerald Grande. The JackaCudas krewe fishes with me and travis and makes the best Fish Taco’s in the western hemisphere and always has specials that serve up the best seafood our gulf has to offer. Or to continue your Crab Island experience you can make it complete by ordering a bucket of steamed snow crab or King crab legs or giant Maine lobster at our other restaurant Brotulas Seafood and Steamer. And if you have any energy left in the Tank finish it all up with a fine adult beverage atop the Deck at AJ’s and watch the final rays of the sun subside listening to the live music of Jones & Co or Mike and the Micro’s. Good chance the Admiral and I will be sitting right there next to the rail looking out over Destin harbor and the Destin Charter Boat fleet.

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