Amendment 40 restored public access
16 Mar 2016

AMendment 40 restored public access to the red snapper fishery FWC led by the CCA wants to take it away

We don’t have to look very far to find some precedent in the separating of fisherman by regulation or rulemaking. Especially  in Florida, if you look at what the FWC has done over the past 5 years. Its all right there, FWC has established a special Gag Grouper season,and its just for 4 counties in the state.When SEPARATING those 4 counties fishermen from all other Florida fisherman, there was not one study done and there wasn’t  any science used to justify this special season.  On Top of that, the FWC  allowed for a 72 day state  Red snapper season this year, which was  great….. if you were lucky enough to live in the part of the Florida that had snappers in state waters and you were not a federally permitted fishing company. Once again FWC and Florida SEPARATES fisherman based on where they live, letting every one south of the panhandle think they don’t exist in the minds of the commissioners. The worst part of it all is that the chairman of the FWC has the nerve to write a letter stating how unfair AM 40 is because it separates fisherman.  All these separating  rules enacted by FWC were supported by every major private boat recreational lobby group and touted as victory’s in fishery management by their leaders. Groups like CCA and RFA support the state of Florida separating Florida fisherman but think amendment 40 is not fair.
The CCA might even take the hypocrisy cake with its latest letter from its lawyers to the Council. In the conclusion Matthew Paxton writes “sector separation and REALLOCATION of ACL does not increase conservation or resource management” What??!!! Wasn’t it the CCA pushing for REALLOCATION from the commercial sector with AM 28 ?? Now their lawyer states that reallocation wont help with resource management. The hypocrisy must stop and the political games must stop. The federally permitted charter boats and its customers have been separated from the rest of fisherman for a long time by the feds and all the states. Its time to make it official. If the council needs any help feeling good about AM 40 , look at the FWC ,they have been separating fisherman for years and it seems just fine with them.

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